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Connection Club

Mentor. Motivate. Mobilize
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Connection Club

Mentor. Motivate. Mobilize
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Engages Teens

Connection Clubs engage teens on a weekly basis. Our program motivates and mobilizes them to excel through our Life Solutions Mentoring Sessions, Do-It-Days, our Shooting Star Goal System and more.

Equips Adults

Most adults desire to make a difference in the lives of youth but they often lack the tools to do so. That is exactly why we equip you with the tools and to instruct, inspire and have fun with teens every week.

Impacts Communities

Connection Clubs increase teen positivity and achievement in all types of communities. Our program functions perfectly in homes, apartments, schools and organizations.

How Connection Clubs Work


equip you with our exciting and easy-to-use teen empowerment program format!


use the program in your own way to empower teens each week!


we make a difference in the lives of youth!

5 Ways That Connection Clubs Empower Teens!



Builds Self-Worth


Increases Positivity 


Inspires Excellence


Improves Grades 


Decreases Delinquency

Key Parts of the Connection Club


Life Solutions Mentoring Sessions  


5-Star Quality (5 C’s) Initiative  


Shooting Star Weekly Goals


Monthly Do-It-Days


Code of Honor

We Help You Help Youth


Proven program pattern that works!  


Perfect for after-school hours and weekends!


Helps you make an immediate impact on youth!


Structured and organized for you!

Be Equipped To Reach Youth Today

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A Connection Club is a mini-version of our full empowerment program.  Mentoring, motivation and mobilization are the core elements of all Connection Club empowerment gatherings and activities.  This program easily functions wherever it is possible for youth to gather (homes, apartments, schools, ministries, organizations, etc.)!  The format is customizable to any setting.  It is full of relevant and innovative strategies that work.   It’s a must for concerned adults who are serious about making a difference in the lives of youth!

Key Things to Know:

  • Connection Clubs usually gather for 60-90 minutes once or twice weekly
  • There are usually 10–20 youth per club (no number is too small or too big)
  • The youth gatherings are highlighted by exciting group mentoring, 5-Star character-building, goal-setting exercises, accountability check-ups and connection times
  • The gatherings are also fun and exciting because we provide rewards, role-plays, discussion points, life app social exercises and games
  • Do-It-Days (of service & contribution) are carried out monthly
  • A complete Start-Up Package and training is provided
  • Youth receive their own Membership Packet

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